Learning How to Quiet your Inner Critic

Turning the volume down on the voice so you
can expand more deeply into your light.


Learning How to Quiet your Inner Critic

Turning the volume down on the voice so you can expand more deeply into your light.

How are you managing the critical voice inside your head? You know, the one that tells you not to share your idea at the meeting, apply for the promotion or reminds you that everyone is smarter, and more accomplished than you.

How has that voice impacted the actions you have taken in your life + leadership?


What are the deeper possibilities you haven’t yet imagined for your life + leadership?

Has the last year crystallized anything for you about your life and work?

Are you feeling any discontentment with your current career and the impact and meaning it is bringing to your life?

Have you ever wondered, if I wasn’t doing this then what would I be doing?

Do you find yourself thinking about how to discover what your true gifts are and how to use those in service to something bigger (and make income doing that?)

The voice of the inner critic is often laced with self-judgment, harsh words, and fear.

It can feel like a broken record some days and keep you rooted in self-doubt.

It’s no secret that the voice is here to stay (for the long haul), which is why it’s so important to learn strategies and tools to quiet your inner critic, so it doesn’t keep you from expanding into your light.

We invite you to join us for an enlightening and empowering workshop.

What you will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of how the inner critic is currently showing up for you and ways to quiet the voice
  • The ability to determine the difference between your inner critic and realistic thinking
  • An understanding of why the inner critic is a poor motivator
  • An opportunity to come together in community with women and share stories
  • Tools and strategies to outsmart your inner critic, expand into your power and deepen your confidence

Are you ready to start taking more agency over your life + leadership and less direction from the inner critic?

Then Join Us.


  • Thursday, April 15th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm PST
  • Zoom link sent 48 hours in advance
  • $30 plus taxes
  • Limited spots available

Jen Murtagh, Certified Leadership Coach

Jen is an award-winning C-Suite executive with 20 years of experience working in both corporate and non-profit. She coaches female leaders to live + lead bravely so they can create meaningful impact and design a life they love, without burning out in the process.

She believes deeply in the limitless potential of her clients, and nurtures that potential from them with compassion and accountability. She supports women in shattering their inner glass ceiling, so they can transform the way they live and lead.