The Journey

I could tell you how I’ve been engaged in this work in my 20 years of leading non-profit organizations, mentoring high performing teams and building strategic plans… (you get the point)

But truthfully…

I’ve been seen as a source of compassionate support, coaching and mentorship since I was in the sixth grade.

(My teacher even sent me a long email to remind me of this when he retired!)

And if there’s anything I’ve learned from making the mistake of seeking self-worth outside of myself (and burning out on repeat), resisting conventional ideas around self-care and finally connecting my head to my heart, it’s this:

True, powerful transformation is not a linear process.

I know because I’ve grappled with *and* supported women through:

  • Learning how to prioritize yourself (3 years of journal entries saying: “I’m exhausted” were my own lightbulb moments along the way)
  • Establishing strong boundaries (the kind you’d fall on your sword to protect)
  • Taking big, brave steps forward (like ditching a job that leaves you unfulfilled and out of alignment with your values even though it paid well)

And just like you, I know how hard it can be to get stuck in the “doing”…

Instead of simply “being” — and creating intentional space to go within so we can release our attachments to outcomes.

Cultivating Curiousity

For years on end, I equated my self worth with achievements, awards and accomplishments…

And on the outside, it seemed pretty perfect.

Leading organizations. Speaking on stages. Working my way through industry events. Volunteering, networking and connecting.

When I look back at photos of *that* Jen, it’s so clear that I had fooled everyone — including myself.

But if I look a little closer, it was clear that the light in her eyes had dimmed and fizzled out a long time ago.

She was tired of the hustling for her self worth. She wasn’t making any time for herself. She was unhappy. And most importantly, she was disconnected from who she really was at a core level.

So, when I started questioning the validity of the stories rooted in my mind of who I was and what was *really* possible for me…

I *finally* stopped doing.

And I took small, brave steps towards cultivating curiosity about what could be possible for me if I started listening to my heart.

Step by Step…

Step by step, I realized that…

Now, as a leadership, life, and career coach to women who want to show up differently in the world…

  • Burnout and depletion were warning signs that were, in actuality, saying: “You’re exhausted.”
  • Fear of quitting jobs that weren’t in alignment with my values was really saying: “There’s a better way to make an impact.”
  • Divorce and motherhood were saying: “It’s time to reconsider how you *really* want to show up for yourself and others but with Big Love.”

My purpose is to help you take your *own* unique steps with bravery while helping you get to where you want to be a little quicker, whether that’s about how you lead at work or live your life.

Brave Connectedness

If I had only learned that the key to fulfilment was to stop doing and start listening within, it wouldn’t have taken me this long to get here.

In fact, it’s a *lot* easier when you have an assertive nurturer by your side coaching you every step of the way, which is where I come into the picture — connecting you to your highest potential and the opportunities you need to get you there. Ever heard “you can’t become yourself, by yourself?”

After almost two decades of helping advance the needs of women, children and their collective healthcare — I believe that significant impact begins with sparking change within the individual.

But you need more than a coach to activate real change.

That’s why I serve women as a leadership and career coach *and* thought partner, creative strategist, co-creator and conscious connector, so they can prioritize themselves to lead their lives — and others — with bravery and confidence.

So if you feel that *something* needs to shift within — and you’re tired of living out of alignment with who you really want to be…

My approach to coaching leads with this crucial guarantee: I will challenge you to show up for yourself and others with Brave Connectedness™.

Brave Connectedness™ in your life, your work and your relationships with others means overcoming fear and the stories we’ve held onto, so that you can move forward with confidence, expanded self- compassion and a more grounded sense of self.

As your coach, I ground our
work together in the belief that:

  1. You Are Ready for Change

    When we collaborate and co-create, you are courageously acknowledging that you want to dedicate time to growing, elevating and reaching your most profound impact as a human being.

  2. You Are Willing to Get Uncomfortable

    We can choose to contract into fear and scarcity, or we can expand into power and possibility — and I know doing the latter is a lot harder when you’re navigating it alone. That’s why I’m here to support you.

  3. You Know This Work Takes Time

    I wish I could say that two sessions together would lead to immediate transformation, but as you likely know by now, that path is not linear. There are no quick fixes; however, having the willingness to lean in and embrace self-worth will set you up to be the kind of leader and human, you know you’re capable of being.

  4. You Want to See Yourself Differently

    Connecting deeply with yourself can be both empowering and confronting. For us to help you get to where you want to be, having the bravery to acknowledge your highest potential as a leader is key to activating your success.

  5. You Are Ready to Write a New Story

    In order to cultivate belief in yourself, we have to take on the deep work of revisiting old beliefs that have been holding you back — and having a heart-to-heart with your inner critic is one of the *bravest* things you’ll ever do.

We’re in this Together

The belief I have in you starts right now — and when you feel ready to slowly wade (let’s be real, no one really dives in!) into the world of courageously connecting with yourself, I hope to help YOU reach your ultimate goal: prioritizing how you lead yourself, your life and others…

Because when we transform as women, we have the capacity to create an even more meaningful impact both personally and professionally.

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    I have long admired Jen’s ability to authentically connect and lead, so when I had the opportunity to join one of her initial cohorts of Brave Leadership for Women, I jumped at the chance. Her ability to ask the really uncomfortable questions [with so much compassion] and to challenge some deeply ingrained and long-held beliefs supported me through a period of profound growth and positive change.

    As a lifelong high achiever with a vociferous inner critic, the time I spent with Jen was transformative in terms of helping me to shift my thinking about my own value, what it is I want to achieve as a leader, how I want to support other women on their own journeys, and how I can be a better version of myself both professionally and personally.

    The value in Jen’s program is truly in her ability to help you put into action the theory that we sometimes hear about, but either have no idea how to implement or are so busy hustling for worthiness that we can’t find the time to make our own selves a priority.

    I am so grateful for the impact that her program has had on my life, and I am so excited about continuing down this path I’ve started.

    Tara, Partner, KPMG
    Working with Jen was a gift, to myself! Learning to navigate through my issues both work and personally, in an effective way has given me much needed clarity and confidence. As a result of Jen’s coaching, I had the confidence to ask for a deserved raise and properly articulate the reasons, and I received it. I have already recommended Jen to my female colleagues, it’s a wonderful investment in yourself and your career.
    Lara, Senior Manager, BCLC
    Jen is a gem. Working with her on my own growth and development has been an unknown essential for me. I may be cliched – mom with career aspirations finding it difficult to juggle it all while questioning my abilities, others’ views of me and everything in between – but that only underlined my need for a different perspective.

    Jen’s empathy combined with her career and personal experiences ensured there was trust from the start, her gentle but direct questioning helped me reframe challenges, and her takeaways are helping me navigate day-to-day experiences going forward.

    Jen I am very grateful for your help this past year and look forward to working with you going forward.

    Anonymous, Senior Director
    Jen is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, highly pragmatic and very helpful coach with her ability to see the ‘real’ me. I often tell friends and colleagues that Jen played such a key role during a time of tough decision-making.

    She sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan for how to put those strengths and passions to work in a career. In addition, we worked on best methods to explore my core values and strengths which made a tremendous impact on both my work and my personal lives. I’m happy to say that I have recently been promoted and am actively engaged in conversations for a board position.

    I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to transform their career, increase their confidence, grow their self-awareness and as a result create the perfect harmony between work and personal life.

    Beyhan, Manager, TELUS
    I am so thankful to have participated in the Brave Leadership for Women program. The program has impacted me in so many positive ways and set me on a confident path to lead in many ways in the future. Jen’s coaching style was a comforting mix of gentle, clear and kind which allowed me to feel safe as we ventured into the deep conversations about my fears, anxieties and discomfort and what is most important to me. What I like most about Jen’s style is that she is direct and to the point about what she is asking to really get to the truth and make the most of the time we had in the sessions. On more than one occasion I was left speechless to answer the questions she asked, which if you know me, does not happen a lot.

    Aa a career driven mother of two busy boys who is also supporting an aging parent, I have always felt that I did not have the time or energy to participate in a multi-week coaching program. I am so glad I enrolled in the program and took this time for myself – to rediscover who I am, my worth and my core values and how I positively impact and lead others in my life. I am more confident, driven and excited for whatever the future holds. Thank you Jen!

    Debbie, Manager, City of Richmond