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I believe you are here for a reason. Perhaps you have a desire to make a deeper & more meaningful impact in how you live and lead. Maybe there’s a whisper that you aren’t as aligned with your values and your purpose as you want to be. Or it might be you just need a boost, more support, a compassionate container for how you can up-level your leadership and life. I believe that is my gift as a coach and
I am here to serve you and the limitless potential I know you have.

But you need more than a coach to activate real change. That’s why I serve women as a leadership coach *and* thought partner, creative strategist, co-creator and conscious connector – so they can prioritize themselves to lead their lives — and others — with bravery, confidence and self-compassion.

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As an award-winning executive with 20 years of experience leading organizations in both corporate and non-profit, I am your dedicated coach in helping you shatter your inner glass ceiling so you can lead more bravely. I coach female leaders who want to make a meaningful impact in how they lead and how they live so they can design a life they love without burning out in the process. I believe it takes Tiny Steps of Bravery to put us on the path to our deeper potential, and I am here to help you reach yours. Are you are ready to embrace bravery and design a life you love?


Are you ready to Live + Lead Bravely?

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    I will challenge you to show up for yourself
    and others with Brave Connectedness™.

    What is Brave Connectedness™?

    Brave Connectedness™ in your life, your work and your relationships with others means overcoming fear and the stories we’ve held onto, so that you can move forward with confidence, expanded self-compassion and a more grounded sense of self.

    I believe that tiny acts of Brave Connectedness pave the way for collective change — but it doesn’t come without facing fear.

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    I offer 1-on-1 personalized coaching and my signature Brave Leadership for Women program. If you want to live a life of impact and meaning, where you lead with purpose and design a life you love, let’s connect.


    I am a seasoned and skilled workshop facilitator and speaker with experience working with some of Canada’s biggest companies. Learn more about my workshops and speaking.

    “I had the pleasure of working with Jen to establish my values, goals and purpose. Until I met with Jen, I wasn’t sure where to begin. We covered topics from the hidden dangers of perfectionism, to identifying signs of pure happiness, pride and fulfillment. All of these subjects were discussed in the process of establishing my core values. 

    During our sessions, Jen was extremely patient and never missed a beat to ask deeper questions to get me thinking about what I truly desire. She encouraged keeping a journal to reflect on recurring themes, being open and vulnerable, and taking time every week to be still and ask yourself some big questions. I appreciated her grace in acknowledging that self-actualization usually happens later in life and giving myself permission to relinquish anxiety for my future goals. It is never too late to be courageous and make big changes in your life. 

    I highly encourage anyone looking to find deeper meaning to schedule a session with Jen to set your ideas into ACTION! I have told all my friends about Jen and her ability to get to the heart of our deeper inner knowing. If I have one piece of advice that I have taken with me from Jen, it’s to listen to your deepest desires that whisper in your head and heart. Those ideas are not to be ignored or diminished. Open yourself up to be a portal for what you truly desire in life. 

    Jen will help guide you down the path.”  

    Lilja, Seattle WA

    Working with Jen has transformed my life. When we started working together I was ending a second maternity leave with countless self-limiting beliefs and I was truly the ultimate maternal gatekeeper. I never realized how beliefs I didn’t even know to be true were limiting my ability to be more joyful and how my inner critic was overtaking my mind. Working with Jen has given me a renewed sense of joy and a sense of self I never knew could be possible. This journey has given me immense clarity about who I am and how I want to show up which in turn has allowed me to be more present and fulfilled with my family and be a stronger, bolder leader. I am a better mother, wife, leader and mentor. I allow people in, welcome support and show up for myself. To the women who are stumbling to find yourself after having kids or the women who hear that voice inside your head far too often, please call Jen. This work is transformational in the best way.

    Heather, Vice-President, Vancouver

    Jen is a phenomenal coach. When I met her, I was shaky in confidence, and had a direction I wanted to move in, but wasn’t quite sure how to get there. Jen helped me tap into a deep feeling of internal power and purpose, quiet my inner critic, determine a direction for my business and create a strategy for business development. She also gently pushed me throughout to “stretch” and was an unwavering support and cheerleader while I found my feet do so. Throughout our engagement, it was abundantly clear that Jen had my best interests at heart, and was thoughtful in creating opportunities and making connections that would benefit me. I felt incredibly supported throughout. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jen in this capacity. She was a secret weapon when I needed it and I am better off for working with her.

    Megan, Entrepreneur, Vancouver

    Working with Jen has transformed my ways of thinking from “what is” to “what can be”. Jen has provided me the framework to get really clear on who I am, what my values are, and where I want to go. She has helped me figure out actionable steps to create a life of purpose. She asks the right (and hard) questions and isn’t afraid to push me out of my comfort zone.

    Through Jen’s genuine care and connection, she creates a brave space that will help unleash your greatest potential and lead a life with intention and courage.

    Kelsey, Vancouver BC