“The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was.”



Have you thought about what might make the year ahead a meaningful year for you?

What have you been most proud of in the last year and what you may need to release?

We know over this past year you have had to call up on your resilience. You have changed, you have grown, you may have had to let go, you are ready to embrace.

Embrace a year of deeper expansion for you, your leadership, and your life.

You are more powerful than you know.

Your Visioning Workbook serves as a way to reflect on the past year and gain clarity for your purposeful year ahead.

What’s included:

  • Space for reflection on the past year
  • Guided questions to help you put your deeper possibilities into action
  • Key focus areas to help guide your vision
  • Focus roadmap to put your intentions into a crystallized 90-day plan
  • Reflection for key habits and practices to align with your vision for the year ahead

Our goal for you is to envision what the year ahead could hold for you and to feel deeper clarity about how to put your intentions into action.


The Intention and Vision Setting Workbook is $10 and can be downloaded as a PDF after purchase.

Partial proceeds of the purchase of this workbook will be donated to supporting girls in Africa put their goals into action through charity
One Girl Can.


Workbook Curator:

Jen Murtagh, Certified Leadership Coach


Jen is an award-winning C-Suite executive with 20 years of experience working in both corporate and non-profit. She coaches female leaders to live + lead bravely so they can create meaningful impact and design a life they love, without burning out in the process.

She believes deeply in the limitless potential of her clients, and nurtures that potential from them with compassion and accountability. She supports women in shattering their inner glass ceiling, so they can transform the way they live and lead.